Redo on the iPhone

ReDo lets you quickly create checklists of items that you can keep and reuse over again.

  • Have you ever gone on holiday and found that you forgot to pack your sunglasses?
  • Have you started a presentation and discovered that you left your laser pointer at home?

ReDo is perfect for maintaining useful lists of actions on your iPhone so that you don’t forget to complete them. Simply select an existing list or create a new list, and then tick off items as your prepare for your event. You can use ReDo as a normal todo list, but unlike most to do applications, when you have completed your list you don’t throw it away, you keep it to use again the next time.

Still unsure? Try out the Lite Version for free.

Redo Is Available on the App Store

Since version 1.06, ReDo can copy lists from the iPhone Safari web browser. These are helpful lists that you can copy.

We appreciate your feedback and are applying your ideas into future versions.
An FAQ and usage video are also in the backlog, so stay tuned.